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Set in five mountains scenery at about 618 kilometers from Finfinnee (18 kilometers south of Mattu), Gore is a town of historical significance related to the history of local Oromo people (political and commercial importance of various periods) and the feudal monarchy (Emperor Menelik) of 19th century. It also served as a head quarter of one of the Emperor’s principal commanders and has still available historical remnants.

Traversing the attractive Gumaro tea plantation and the panoramic landscape, the road south of Gore takes travelers to the neighboring Gambella National Regional State, and then to Dambidollo. Gore has also served as the office of the British Council in the 1905. The office building of the council by it self

Tourist activity

  • Historical exploration- gore an oldest town with many historically notable happenings
  • Landscape- a town is established in stunning landscape nature
  • Culinary- honey, cultural foods…
  • Tea collection- gumaro is the largest tea farm located at gore area, so tourists can enjoy tea leaf collection activity

Illubabor (or Illu Ababora, Illu Aba Bora) is one of the zones of the Oromia Region of Ethiopia. Illubabora is named for the former province Illubabor. It is bordered on the south by the Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Region, on the southwest by the Gambela Region, on the west by Kelem Welega Zone, on the north by West Welega Zone, and Benishangul-Gumuz Region, on the northwest by East Welega Zone, and on the east by Jimma. Towns and cities in Illubabora include Bedele, Gore and Metu.