This monument shows the history of struggle undertook between Minilik and Hararge Oromo which is located in East Hararge zone, Meetta district at the distance of 441 km from Finfinnee and 84km from the zonal town Harar on back way to Chiro/Finfinnee.

This is also one of Oromo heroes’ Memorial Monument that has been built by the Oromia Regional State which completed in 2007 E.C. It is designed based on the research undertook by oromo professionals as it reflecting the resistance of Minilk war has been taken on Hararge Oromos in 1885 which is memorized in history as “Cali Calanqo”. The Oromia regional state built this Oromo heroes’ Memorial Monument by its own budget in order not to elapsed the history of Oromo people struggle for its dignity,

Culture, territory &Language. This Memorial Monument built at easily accessible area in the way that the tourist can understand merely the history of Oromo peoples. This Oromo heroes’ Memorial Monument contains the big building of Chalanko heroes, Museum where culture & history of Oromo peoples are showed, the gravestone of Baker Ware on its horse, and etc.



East Hararghe (Oromo: Harargee Bahaa) is one of the Zones of the Region of Oromia. East Hararge takes its name from the former province of Hararghe. East Hararge is bordered on the southwest by Bale, on the west by West Hararghe Zone, on the north by Diredhawa and on the north and east by the Somali Region. The Harari Region is an enclave inside this zone. The Administrative center of this zone is Harar.