Bale Sanate


Sanate, nick-named as “The Island in the Air”, is a high plateau souring up over 4000m on top. The second highest peak next to Ras Dajen in Ethiopia, Tullu Dimtu (4377m above sea level), is among many peaks on the plateau found. An all weather road from Goba to Dalo Manna passes over this plateau. The seasonal tiny alpine lakes, some rare birds, and above all, the endemic Red Fox and giant Mole rat the top tourist attraction mostly specific to Bale Mountains National Park are spotted here. The southern Haranna area is an area of lower altitude covered with dense moist tropical forest, The road penetrating Sanete and Haranna forest connects Goba with Dalo Manna. Bush pig, African hunting dog, giant forest hog, spotted hyena, lion, leopards, colobus monkey, etc. abound in Haranna forest area.

The beautiful rainbow and trout fish stocked in the Park Rivers with fry from Kenya in 1960 may give tourists a fishing opportunity if they have time. The lodge at Dinsho provides tourists with 31 beds (room 6) and kitchen equipment for self seivice. The accommodation is simple but pleasant. Camping at Dinsho and at different sites in the park gives great delight to tourists. While in Bale Mountains National Park there are important specific sites worth visiting, these are Dinsho head quarter site, where you can see Mountain Nyala, Bush Buck, Warthog, Birds, Museum Gassay Valley where you see Mountain Nyala, Reed buck, Throut fish, Warthog and Birds Sanete where you can see Red Fox, Endemic Molerats on which the fox feeds, Birds, the Peak of Tuliu Dimtu, Harana escarpment where you enjoy thick natural forest and camping in complete wilderness to watch Lion, Bush Pig, leopard, hunting Dog, Besides Tourism the Bale Mountains National Park is an area of major  importance in nature conservation, scientific research and education. Among the major factors that contribute to the uniqueness of the park the following distinctive feature can be mentioned:

  • The park conserves the largest area of afro alpine habitat on the continent of Africa;
  • The Harana Forest, at the south of the area, is the second largest stand of moist tropical forest remaining in Ethiopia;
  • The area is a centre of endemicity that conserves stocks of genetic materials, much of which is not just endemic to Ethiopia, but is confined


only to these mountains;

  • The area contains the largest population of endemic Mountain Nyala and the endangered Red Fox.
  • The area also contains the entire global population of giant mole rat etc,
  • The 20km highway stretching on Sanete makes the park the only motorable place at an altitude of 4377massive in African giving you a driving experience above the cloud.

Tourist activities

  • Trekking- Trekking, as opposed to hiking, involves traveling by foot over longer periods of time. The journey often goes through rough terrains, such as mountains or jungles. Bale is the best in this.
  • Hiking-hiking is a natural exercise that promotes physical fitness, is economical and convenient, and requires no special equipment. Bale is the best at this.
  • Camping-
  • Horseback riding
  • Wildlife expedition
  • Birds watching
  • Rock climbing is a demanding activity, both mentally and physically. You’ll need strong arm and leg muscles so you don’t lose your grip. You’ll also need to think on your feet (so to speak) so you know where to place your hands and feet next.
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