Bale Harenna Forest : second largest dense forest in Ethiopia

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The Harenna Forest is located in a highland forest region of the Bale Mountians National Park in the Oromia region of southeastern Ethiopia.

A beautiful jungle-esque region, the Harenna forest is a hot-spot of biodiversity, with a plethora of indigenous species living here. One of the last remaining natural forests in the country, the rich fauna and flora supports an array of unique wildlife. Atop the giant heather trees, golden crowned Bale mountain monkeys, giant forest hogs and a vast selection of brightly coloured birds are often the most visible.  Nyalas, various types of buck, and even lions and panthers live in the forest.

Bee hives are made from hollowed out tree trunks, and supported high in the air with long strips of bamboo. These ancient methods, long forgotten in other parts of the world, still support the local economy. While other parts of Ethiopia are moving to more modern production, the 600 families of the Harenna Forest are reluctant to abandon techniques honed over generations.


Tourist activities

  • Forest adventures
  • Research
  • Safari holidays involve watching wild animals in their natural habitat to observe and photograph wildlife
  • Ecotourism activity- visiting and staying at places of undisturbed natural environment
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