Kellem Wollega Dhati Walal Park


Dhati controlled Hunting Area is found in Kelem Wollega zone of Gawo Kebe Woreda in Aroji Wedo district at about 620kms from Finfinnee, 80kms from zonal town Dembi Dolo and at about 30kms from Gawo Kebe Woreda.

In this park there are viable populations of flora and Fauna which consists of big game animals like Buffalo, Hippopotamus, Defarsa Waterbuck, common bushbuck, Bhor Reedbuck, and others and endemic species of Birds. There is large population of Buffalo and Hippopotamus whose physical appearance is larger than others in the country.

Dhati Park has a unique ecosystem with rich Biodiversity and it is more intact and attained many species of mammals and birds. There is extinction of Elephant in this park since there is peak having the name Gara Arba Means Elephants Hill.

Absence of developed infrastructure and tourist facilities are observed in this area. In respect of this it is very fascinating and wonderful natural attraction of the region

Tourist activities

  • Big wildlife expedition
  • Landscape, hiking, trekking and jungle adventures
  • Birds watching
  • Camping
  • River rafting- the area owns large rivers, so it an ideal site to enjoy water adventures


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