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March 15, 2022by robba0
Commission Briefs Newly Appointed Ambassadors The Oromia Tourism Commission has briefed newly appointed ambassadors and diplomatic emissaries today at the Kuriftu Resort in beautiful Bishoftu. The briefing focused on what the Commission has been doing so far and its vision for the future. This was followed by a fruitful deliberation on the work to be done with Ethiopian diplomatic missions across the world. Embassies are some of the most effective institutions in promoting a country and this discussion has reaffirmed the ripe potentials for Ethiopia to take advantage of this.On another note, congratulations are in order to Commissioner Lelise Dhugaa who was presented with the Pan-African Humanitarian and Investment Award at the briefing. This award honors change-makers both in the private and public sectors. The Commissioner won the award in the category of Leadership in Public Service at a ceremony held in Turkey.Website:https://www.visitoromia.orgFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/visitoromia/Instagram:https://instagram.com/VisitOromiaTwitter:https://twitter.com/VisitOromiaLinkedIn:https://linkedin.com/company/visitoromiaYouTube:https://YouTube.com/visitoromiaPinterest:https://Pinterest.com/visit_oromiaTelegram: https://t.me/visit_oromia
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