Uncategorized Oromia Tourism Commission Publishes A Magazine In Homage of the Karayu

March 15, 2022by robba0

<p>Oromia Tourism Commission Publishes A Magazine In Homage of the Karayu</p>

<p>The Oromia Tourism Commission (OTC) believes in the core principle of exhibiting all assets of the Oromo being and heritageโ€”for this it strives night and day. OTC has embarked upon a mission of enabling a tourism-conducive environment in Oromia on par with its potential. Showcasing the array of culture Oromia has to offer is one form of such a concerted effort by OTC. One of its most recent efforts was shedding informational light on the Karayu clan of the Oromo. To this end, OTC produced and published a travel magazine with special cultural dedication to the Karayu Oromo. In the magazine, the ethnonational roots of the Karayu were elucidated as being historically drawn from the Barentu confederacy and much attention was paid to their everyday lifestyle, norms, and code of ethics. The Karayu have, for a large part, preserved their affinity with the Gadaa system and adhere to its suprastructure. Their garbs, utensils, and primeval relics are afforded intriguing detail; the entire magazine is decorated with pictures providing striking visuals for the words contained within. The Guardians of the Gadaa (past and present) were pictured with white and red accoutre with each color symbolizing a different connotation but both unequivocally praising valor. Conclusively, it is a worthy read for anyone interested in the intangible endowments of Oromia.</p>
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