Uncategorized OTC (Visit Oromia) cru has celebrated Ethiopian Epiphany at Batu

March 15, 2022by robba0
We rowed, walked, and climbed with congregants in Batu and wrapped up our first day on Lake Dambal as thousands have done for millennia. This was a magical eve to tomorrow’s epiphany! Welcome to Batu and happy holidays! On Cuuphaa (Timkat) boats that usually carry produce and traders to and from the islands of Lake Dambal are graced with the faithful dressed in beautifully contrasting vivid colours and whites. Trailing the small boats and canoes of the Tabot procession, the children, women and men sing, clap, and beat the sides of their trusty vessels in joy all the way to the shore and beyond in a scene worth any trip to see it. Hopefully, the scene worth your trip to see it next year. Happy holidays from Batu!
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